TATIANA ZELIKMAN- Meisterkurs für Klavier

26. - 29. Februar 2020, Berlin

Jede/r aktive Kursteilnehmer/in erhält jeweils zwei Unterrichtsstunden bei Tatiana Zelikman.

Die Anmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge des Eingangs berücksichtigt. Alle ausgewählten Teilnehmer/innen erhalten von uns eine Benachrichtigung.

Tatiana Zelikman was born in Moscow. From the early years studied in the famous music schools named after Gnessins. She is a pupil of the well-known pianist and teacher – professor Theodor Gutman (one of very talented pupils of Heinrich Neuhaus). After her excellent graduating from the Gnessins Institute (now Russian Gnessins Academy of Music) she was invited to teach at the Gnessins Specialized Music School for gifted children. This is one of the most respectable professional schools of music in Russia, as well as in the other countries. T.Zelikman works in this school more than 50 years, and she’s one of its leading teachers. Later she was also invited to work in the Russian Gnessins Academy of Music. Now she is one of the leading professors of these institutions. T.Zelikman has trained many talented pianists. Several of them began theirconcert activities from early ages. Between her pupils are: Konstantin Lifshits, who now is widely known as one of the most interesting artists; Alexander Kobrin – First Prize winner of Busoni Competition in Bolzano, Van Cliburn Competition in USA, International Piano Competition in Glasgow, winner, of Hamamatsu Competition in Japan; Daniil Trifonov – “Gran Prix” of Tchaikovsky Competition inMoscow, First Prize winner of Arthur Rubinstein Competition in Israel, winner of Chopin Competition in Warsaw; Mikhail Mordvinov – I Prize winner of Schumann Competition in Zwickau and Schubert Competition in Dortmund; Elena Rozanova – I  Prize winner of International Piano Competitions in The Netherlands and in Japan, winner of M.Long and J.Thibaud Competition in Paris and other; Konstantin Shamray – I Prize winner of Sydney International Piano Competition; Katia Scanavi, Alexey Volodin and others. T.Zelikman gives masterclasses in Russia and abroad regularly. She gave masterclasses at some prestigious music festivals – in Kuhmo (Finland), Colmar (France), Portogruaro and Asolo (Italy), in conservatories of Holland (the Hague, Amsterdam), Austria (Hochschule, Wien), USA (Ratgers University), Ireland (Cork School of Music), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Niigata, Matsuyama) and others. T.Zelikman is also invited to work as a member of jury of different National and International piano competitions.

  26. Januar 2020
Aktive Teilnahme300 €
Passive Teilnahme40 €