Concert Exam (Konzertexamen)

Exceptionally talented young artists may be given the opportunity to take their Concert Exam (Konzertexamen, after further postgraduate studies. This is the highest certification that the Academy issues and confirms the musical competence needed for performing at a soloist-level, as well as pursuing the career of a professional musician.

The Academy’s Certificate Programs prioritize intensive performance studies in the student’s chosen focus, (instrumental, vocal, compisition). Additionally, students have the option to compliment their studies with other courses that the Academy offers, such as choir, lectures, music history, theory, and masterclasses. After passing the final examination, the students will receive the diploma of approved by the State Kalaidos University in Switzerland and  relevant certificate, issued by the Anton Rubinstein International Music Academy.

The study is during 4 semester

Next exam date
Required documents
  • Copy of the passport
  • Photo
  • Copy of the Bachelor Diploma
  • Copy of the Master Diploma
  • CV
  • Motivation letter