The focus of the Blatow Foundation is the individual promotion of young musicians, especially during the crucial transition between studying and becoming a professional performer. It supports the Anton Rubinstein International Music Academy by providing scholarships, sponsoring the “Violins for Young Musicians, Crafted by Masters” project, (in cooperation with the violin maker Rodolfo Angiletta in Düsseldorf), and by financing the Academy’s concert series’ and competitions. It is connected to and works closely with the Academy’s registered Sponsors Association, “The Friends and Patrons of the Anton Rubinstein Academy”

Private individuals and companies also provide support through monetary donations directly to the Academy and through the Blatow Foundation. Additionally, donations also come in the form of instruments or equipment. Support of the Academy and its students continually helps us to promote exceptionally talented young musicians. These donations are tax-deductible and donation receipts will be issued upon request.

Violins for Young Musicians, Crafted by Italian Masters

Ella Mischenko – Coordinator
Phone: 0211 200 51 979